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Pre 1997


Very challenging race. There were some slight problems during the swim because the water was a bit shallow in some places. Well, they are telling us that it has been much too dry in the last year or more. I swam reasonably well, considering the training I did the last few weeks, so I won't complain. The bike leg was very difficult. There was a lot of wind to make it even tougher, and there already were a couple or difficult hills anyway. I managed to move up in the field and started running in second position. At the start of the run, I didn't feel all that well. In fact, between the second and fifth kilometer, I seriously considered quitting. However, in the second half of the run, I speeded up a bit, so I eventually managed to hang on to sixth place. Anyway, I didn't know it could still be this hot in the south of France at the beginning of October. It reached temperatures of over 28 degrees while we were there.

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