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Pre 1997

Nice, World Championships Long distance, 4/112/30


I didn't quite know what to expect from this race so I didn't have any great expectations. The main goal was finishing. In fact, the race went quite well. I took it reasonably slow on the swim, as the day is long enough after. For the cycling, I tried to go fast from the start. It was a challenging course, and considering that I never climbed a mountain on the bike before, it was going well (not that it was that steep, it was mainly long). The downhill bits were something different. I really have to work on that. I gained a lot on the bike and started running in twelfth position. The beginning of the run was difficult, couldn't seem to get up to speed. However, I tried my best, and in the end, the run was good considering the distance. Was only a shame that I lost another three places in the last three km (only losing one place in the preceding 15). Must admit that the run was very difficult in the end. I was very happy with my 23rd place.


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