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Pre 1997

Jodoigne, 1.5/42/10

This is a very beautiful race. The swim takes place in clean water. You can actually see the competition under water while you are swimming. After the swim, you have a good climb to get to the the first bike park. The bike course is very nice and challenging. You are easily troubled by the wind and the terrain is challenging, with no real flat parts, but no real climbs either. Ideal for strong cyclists (like myself). The run portion is also hilly with a difficult descent, some short brutal climbs and sharp turns.

I started out badly, having my goggles knocked off. As I don't want to loose my contact lenzes, I had to put it back in place again. Did manage to get back to a reasonable group, though I normally swim faster than them. Anyway, a very good swimmer (Axel Zeebroek) was first and approx. a four minute lead on me. Once on the bike, I started to feel much better and I managed to leave everybody behind, even passing Axel. I started running with 45" on Axel and 1'20" on the rest of the field. However, a difficult run course like this one is not my cup of tea, so while I tried to hang on to the lead, I was first passed by Axel, and later on by Christof Delpierre (who won). In the end I was very happy to ride well again (especially after Han Sur Lesse). My running is going quite well in training, but not in the race yet. Better luck next week in Mol.

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