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Resume :

  • four times top twenty at Ironman Lanzarote (best is 12th)
  • three times finisher Ironman Hawaii
  • eleven victories
  • second at Euregio tour
  • second at Belgian Superprestige race
  • three times Belgian Champion

As junior

  • nineth at European Championships
  • victor of national Superprestige circuit
  • twice second in Belgian Championships
  • nine victories

Details :








  • sixteenth at Ironman Lanzarote, first in my age group and qualified for Hawai (though I decided not to go, that will be for next year)
  • twenty third in Nice (three quarter distance)
  • on 02.10.1998, I was ranked 66th in the long distance rankings from Triathlon Central (which is a world ranking for half or longer distance triathlons)
  • twenty third at World Championships Long Distance (Nice)
  • first at Belgian Club Championships (with HTC)



  • second in SP-race in Landen (1/2)
  • second in Bonn, behind Jurgen Zack (4/60/15)
  • second in Euregio Tour
  • fifth in Brasschaat, Belgian Championships middle distance
  • first at Belgian Club Championships (with HTC)
  • four victories
  • eighth in the Belgian Superprestige
  • first at Belgian University Championships
  • four victories
  • first at Belgian University Championships
  • eighth in Menen, Belgian Championships Olympic Distance



  • first junior in Belgian Superprestige
  • two victories
  • second at Belgian Junior Championchips
  • nineth at European Junior Championships
  • selected for World University Championships (26th)
  • four victories in the junior category
  • second at Belgian Junior Championships
  • selected for European Junior Championships (34th)



  • three victories in the junior category
  • my first ever triathlon

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