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Pre 1997

Belgian Duathlon Championships,
SP, 7/40/3.5

Nice race, it enrolls on a very difficult terrain (very hilly both run and bike, with a difficult climb in each of the four rounds). I started out badly, I really wasn't running good at all. Later on the bike, I can't say I was feeling very strong, but I was catching up on a lot of people. At the end of the second tour, my chain fell of, just when I was out of the saddle. I only just managed to stay on my bike, but did hit my knee quite hard against the handlebar. When I got my chain back in place, and wanted to continue the race, my knee was hurting quite badly, so I decided to quit and get some medical attention. In the end it wasn't too bad - nothing that couldn't be fixed with three days of rest (so the doctor said - and she was right). I do hate dropping out of a race, especially as some people said I was coming closer to the leaders. I think I'll try to come back to properly do the race.

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