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Pre 1997

Kapelle o/d Bos, Belgian Championships, SP, 1.5/40/10


Another drafting legal race,... Before the start, I already knew that I couldn't really do a lot here, but as I am part of a team and I was feeling good, I could try to help our strongest athlete Koen Hoeybergs. I had a very good swim and came out of the water 10 seconds after Koen. Lost some extra time in the bike park but quickly closed the gap to the leaders. Once there, I tried my best to make sure that the group stayed together, countering all attempts from the competition if Koen was not with them. I can tell you, this is hard work (especially as I am not trained for this - which triathlete is ?). In the end, there was a successful escape by Johan Callebaut. As it is know that he is not a strong runner, he was let go. When I did attempt to keep the speed up to make sure he didn't get too big a lead, the group actually let go of me too. However, I had another slow change, and must say that my legs were really hearting when I started running. So I took it slow, to spare my energy for the races to come. I finished 36th, but that is not important. Fortunately Koen finally won the race in the sprint. My work in the cycling must have helped him take the victory.

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