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Pre 1997


Well, considering the previous season, I have some things to make up, to prove what I can do. Last year, I started doing long distance races (with a nice 23rd place at the Wolds in Nice). So I will continue on that path and mostly focus on long distance races. Considering the Belgian calendar, my most important races will be abroad.

As the season hasn't started yet, there is not much I can say. However, there are already some major differences in my preparation. With the team (Cervélo 2000 Triathlon Team), there are several training camps planned. We meet up approx. each month for a weekend or more. Three proper camps were planned before the start of the season. The first was at the year end, when we trained in Font Romeu for a week. The last week of February, we had a week (a couple of days more for Mieke Suys and me) in Salon de Provence where we will started with the real cycling. Later on (at easter) we had yet another week in France (Ruoms, in the Ardeche region). I had never done a stage before this year, and can only say that it really helps - you can do more than at home. We'll see if there is an effect at the races...

As for the races I will be doing, here is a short overview (bold races are more important for me).

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