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This is one of the ares on this site where I would like you all to contribute. We all face the problems of trying to get maximum results with the amount of training we can manage. But a little help can be handy. Be it in the shape of the hottest equipment, or by getting some expert guidance from a book or video.

However, triathlon is an expensive sport for most of us. When we are ready to part with our hard earned cash, it can better be spent on quality goods, which serve their purpose right and for a long time. That's what this section is all about. I have used quite a bit of equipment in the many years that I have been activ in this sport, so here are my comments on some of them.

Mind you, these are personal opinions, and as many people may have different views, I ask you to share your experiences as well. This may help others to choose wisely. So, please if you have some bit of great (or less great) equipments, send in your review. Do please mention how you obtained the product (you bought it, sponsorship, or maybe you even invented it).

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