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Pre 1997


This was a bit of a difficult year. With the introduction of drafting in some of the SP races in Belgium, (particularly the ETU race in Geel and the Belgian Championships in Kapelle o/d Bos), I decided that I would move to drafting free long distance races sooner than I anticipated. As a result, I decided to have a go at the full distance at the Coast triathlon in Middelkerke. Obviously, this means that my seasons planning is very different from how it was in the past, and that makes it very difficult to have good results this year.

So how did it go ?

  1. Gent, Belgian University Championships, .5/20/5 (26.04)
  2. Geel, Flander Euro Triathlon, ETU, SP, 1.5/40/10 (18.05)
  3. Nice, World Championships Long distance, 4/112/30 (08.06)
  4. Kapelle o/d Bos, Belgian Championships, SP, 1.5/40/10 (22.06)
  5. Brasschaat, Belgian Championships, SP, 2.5/80/20 (29.06)
  6. Middelkerke, Belgian Championships, SP, 4.5/180/42 (13.07)
  7. Dworp, Belgian Duathlon Championships, SP, 7/40/3.5 (03.08)
  8. Han Sur Lesse, .6/30/7 (24.08)
  9. Jodoigne, 1.5/40/10 (31.08)
  10. Mol, SP, individual time trial, 1.5/40/10 (06.09)
  11. Mechelen, 1.5/40/11 (21.09)
  12. Toulouse, 2.5/80/20 (05.10)

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