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Pre 1997

1999 Goals

I am going to continue on the path I chose last year. This means that I will concentrate on long distance racing. My first impartant race will be Ironman Lanzarote, where I hope to improve last years performance. I hope that this will also mean that I qualify for Hawai again. This year, there will be no stopping me, I will go do the big race in the lava fields. No hopes for achievements there. Everybody knows that the first time there is difficult, so I will just try to be in top shape and suck up as much expierence as I can.

These two races are the main goals for the season, so everything else is rather vague. However, if I recuperate well from Lanzarote, I will also do the Belgian middle distance championships in Brasschaat. I also want to do a third (almost) complete race. This will probably be the world championships in Säter, Sweden, but it could also be the Coast triathlon in Middelkerke. This program will be completed with a couple of less important races. The choices will be clear after the season has started. First, 22 May...


For this year, I am lucky to be in the capable hands of one of the best trainers in Belgium, Paul Van Den Bosch. I approached him near the end of last season to ask if he could help me, and we already worked together in the preperation for Nice 1998. This cooperation was pretty succesful, so I hope we can work together for many years to come. I am very positive about this and hope this will result in my best year ever (well, as the last two years weren't very good, it should be possible).

Apart from Paul Van Den Bosch, I will also be helpen by Peter 't Seyen. He and Paul have worked together with many other athletes, and Peter is also the doctor for the Vlaanderen 2002 cycling team etc. He is an expert at knowing what your body needs if you train and compete at a high level. He checks my blood regularly and gives feedback about possible problems etc.

All that remains to be done now is train well and prove at the races that this is a winning team. See you there...


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