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Pre 1997

duathlon Ruoms (10-42-5)


We kind of did this race with the team as part of our training camp in the region. As the training camp hadn't really started yet, and we had some serious training ahead of us for the rest of the week (well, that was the plan anyway, the weather didn't really help), we were told to regard this race as a training (though an intense one).

The first ten km run was reasonable. I seem to have started quite fast, but my body was slightly complaining, so I didn't force anything (as that was the plan anyway...)  The race continued with two laps on the bike. Nice laps, there is a serious climb after five km, you have to climb the Sampson. A hill of two to three kilometers with 300m denivelation (so avarage 10%). The climb is difficult, but I liked it anyway. I felt pretty good on the bike (hey, it is my strong point), but as we were not supposed to go too fast... The race finished by another 5km run. As there was not much left to win or lose, I didn't force anything anymore. I am not very sure, but I think I finished 37th. Have to say that with the Sampzon, this is a nice and challenging race.

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