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Pre 1997

Belgian Team Championship,

Just as last week, I must still have been very tired. Not that I am surprised of that myself, as I was tired after coming back from the training camp, and haven't been able to recuperate from that yet. It probably doesn't help that with my new job, I suddenly have to get up in time three times a week. I will have to get used to that a bit (and pay a bit more attention to my sleep.

Anyway, my personal performance stank. I just hope that I didn't slow the group down too much. I had it quite hard during the swimming, and actually even had trouble staying with the group on the bike (can you imagine). Though the run was not too bad, the group did run away from me. The final victory was for ATRIAC (we never came close), and my clumates were able to catch second place. Our club president is already talking about revenge for next year (expecting them us to trash the competition) - we'll see.

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