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Pre 1997

Aarschot (1.5-40-10)

I had promised the organizers on the plane back from Lanzarote that I would compete in this race if I did something that weekend. Though I was very uncertain about being able to compete, my blood got back to normal just in time, so just a couple of days before the race, I was finally sure to be back on the right track. Of course, I hadn't properly trained since Lanzarote (even doing nothing at all in the last month, as I wasn't getting better rested), so I didn't expect things to go very well, just trying to compete on "talent".

I was right, I did the swim at ease, as I didn't want to be too tired from the gun. Ok, it wasn't fast, but what can you expect without training. Once on the bike, I felt relatively good, so I tried to go for it. However, the course in Aarschot is pretty challenging. It has some nice hills. I would love it when I am strong, but as I didn't have any strength in my legs, it was pretty hard. When starting the run I really had a rough time. I was going slow, real slow, and it hurt. I really couldn't go any faster.

Conclusion? Very nice race, well organized by very nice people. If it fits in my program I will go back, but then to win! I was happy that my blood was ok again, but I will just forget about "talent" and make sure I train a bit for my next races. But all in all happy to be back after two difficult month. Now lets get back to some training :-)

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