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Pre 1997

Brasschaat (2.5-80-20) SP,
Belgian Championship

OK, so I know it took me a long time to write this race report (two weeks), but how would you be if the race was as bad as mine. Not that I expected to do well. The week for before the race, I finally started to feel a little better since the Lanzarote race. Not good enough to have a good race, though, realisticly speaking, I shouldn't complain. Considering how I felt before, it could have been even worse (I was 27th). The swim was not too bad (I do think the swim wasn't completely fair, or the athletes aren't, or I am stupid not to follow their example), the bike portion was quite good all things considered, and the run was slow.

Enough said, I had a blood test a few days after the race, and apparently I still haven't recuperated as it should. It is now already seven weeks since the race. I know the winter preperations were not ideal, a couple of very hard weeks, but not enough in between, caused by fatigue. So I probably was overtrained before the race. I would expect better when being followed by a professional trainer/doctor. In fact, I did a better job by myself two years ago then the trainers I had in the meantime. Though I do think they were not as good as the should be, I have to admit that it is partly caused by my own attitude. When doing things by myself, I try to train as much as possible, wut I rest when I feel tired. When you get a training schedule, there are weeks you could do more, but you don't because it is not indicated. Other weeks, you do feel tired, but try to do as much as possible from the planning. So I will probably have to rethink the way I cooperate with a trainer, and hopefully find somebody I can properly work with.

Back to my resting now, hope I will feel 100% again real soon, so I can start working towards Nice...

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