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Pre 1997

Mechelen, 1.5-37-11

Mechelen is one of the biggest and most prestigious none Superprestige races in Belgium. And apart from that, it is the season closer for Belgian triathlon and more important; there are usually loads of people cheering me on there. So I just had to do this race (well, there were some more personal incentives as well when I entered, but those were kind of outdated the day of the race).

I kind of missed my swim start (again). I was stupid not to go through a little more effort not to be on the first starting line, so I had to swim around some slower competitors, that will teach me (or not, I should know this by now). Anyway, still moved up a bit in the field, passed Kristien after about 1300m (the girls started 5 minutes before the boys), and crawled out of the canal in twelfth place. Quickly jumped on my set of wheels and started to hammer. Halfway through the bike section I was in second place. I tried to get closer to the leader (Frederic Van Lierde), but couldn't get nearer than 15 seconds. Didn't want to blow my legs so... So I started for the run, a bit behind Frederic and over a minute in front of the rest. Bert Jammaer had hist fastest legs with him and passed me after about 7km, I didn't meet any other competitor up close, so I finished third. Again, a pleased man, especially considering that I was feeling tired the days before the race.

After my finish, I ran back along the course to cheer on my girlfriend. She didn't have a strong race (or so she says), but well, not everybody can be the first across the line.

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