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Pre 1997

Braucourt, 1.5-43-10

Having done quite a bit of long distance races this year, I felt like doing some of the shorter stuff as well. I just like racing so much... so I am doing a couple of olympic distance races. They are not intended as goals, but to have fun and to do some more intense training, a race is still the highest quality training you can do!

The race in Braucourt is situated at the wonderfully beautiful Lac du Der. The weather was fine, and I was actually tempted to just have a nice day in the sun at the beach of this grand lake. But that was not what was planned... What was ahead were three lengths in the lake, a tour on the bike through the hilly scenery, followed by two laps of intense running next to the beach and in the woods.

Ok, the gun went and I was kind of left standing. This was not one of my better starts. So I was kind of chasing from the start. Still, I was swimming relatively good (better than at the start of the season). Maybe I should have been a little been closer, but I wasn't too far behind... Once on the bike, I should be in my element, but at the start I wasn't feeling to hot (or fast for that matter). But things improved, I was feeling stronger as the kilometers started to fly by. Anyway, I was only half a minute behind the leader when I got of the bike, and had a small advantage on the rest of the field. So I tried to start the run fleet feeted. I got out of the park in a strong way, and tried to run as fast as I could. Unfortunately, this was not really the best running surface for me and my legs were not turning fast enough. I still tried to go as fast as I could, and I even tried to improve my swiftness for the second half. I had a pretty strong race and was quite pleased with my result, fifth place. I was getting stronger towards the end of the race, so...

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