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Triathlon Training Sites

  • Triathlon Training with Rod Cedaro
    This is an Australian triathlon training site where you can get lots of training tips etc.
  • Triathlon Training and testing
    This is a descussion of lactate testing in triathlon. The author is Jan Olbrecht, who is the trainer of top athlete Luc Van Lierde (yes, both are from Belgium).
  • Queenstown Eco Pursuits
    Not quite a training site, but this is a place in New Zealand where you can go for a (guided) training camp.
  • FutureDreams Swimming
    "The Premier Swim Program for Triathletes" according to the author, Haydn Woolley, the guy with the fastest ironman swim time. Nice site with a couple of interesting swim technique articles.
  • Total Immersion
    I have the book, and that is absolutely great and I recommend it to everybody, and much of the info can also be found on the site.

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