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Triathlete home pages


Belgian athletes

  • Mieke Suys homepage
    This is the home page of one of Belgiums top triathletes. She competes in World Cup races with a lot of success.
  • Joachim Van der Auwera
    No comments, as this is the site you are visiting now :-)
  • Hilde Sijmons
    A Belgian top duathlete.
  • Sport and Press
    This is a site by a friend of mine, Reinout Van Schuylenberg, about himself and the athletes he coaches.
  • Kjell Verleysen
    One of our young upcoming talents. He is already a strong contender in Belgium among the seniors.
  • Rutger Beke
    One of our top athletes with bigger results in his mind. He already won two SP races, with undoubtably more to come.
  • Tom Geudens
  • Peter Van Mol
  • Benny Van Steelant
    What can I say, he is just the very best duathlete in the world, and much underrated here in Belgium, he should have been sportsman of the year in both 1999 and 2000. Interesting site too.
  • Marieke Peeters

International athletes

  • Simon Lessing
    Probably the best short distance in the world, already world champion five times, with probably more to come...
  • Sharon Donnelly
    Canada's top ranked Olympic distance triathlete. The site could use being split up over several pages, but it does contains a lot of info about her.
  • Ralph Zeetsen
    A top triathlete from Holland, four times European Junior Championship, but also a top performer amongst the seniors.
  • Guido Gosselink
    Another athlete from Holland, doing well in both short and longer distance races.
  • Lothar Leder
  • Eddy Lamers
  • Heather Fuhr
  • Fernanda Keller
    Known for her beauty, but apart from that, also a great athlete. She seems to get on the podium most times she starts an Ironman race. Only, the site is in Portuguese.
  • Scott Tinley
    This is the man who always writes interesting, thought provocing and usually funny articles on the last page of Triathlete magazine (U.S. version). Of course he also won Hawai twice, was one of the big four,...
  • Peter Reid
    Another great athlete, several times Ironman champion, including the race in Hawai.
  • Chris Brands
  • Beth Zinkand
  • Lauren E Jensen

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