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Triathlon sites in Belgium


  • Aalsters triathlon team
    The first Belgian triathlon club which I knew to have a site on the internet. They give some info about the club and the athletes. The site is completely in Dutch.
  • SP&O Triatlon Team
    Another club which has a site, specifically covering its race in Mechelen, which is one of the biggest races in Belgium. It organises a triathlon weekend with a pretty good athmosphere. Nice site too, with results and some info about the federation. This one is also complely in Dutch (not surprising).
  • Aarschots Triathlon Team
    As organizers of a race, this is another Belgian club with internet presence. I can only say good things about this club as I am one of its members. This is a very social club, where friendship is at least as important as the results. As an extra the club organizes a very nice race which is pretty tough. Really recommended! As most Belgian sites, this one is also in Dutch.
  • Brasschaat Triathlon Club
    This site is focused on information about their own "SuperMAN triathlon". This is a half ironman which attracts quite a few international athletes and has often been the site for the Belgian Championships middle distance.
  • Triathlon Team Eupen
    Info about the club, and also about the race they organize (a middle distance race this year). The site was still partly under construction when I wrote this, but worth a visit anyhow. This site is actually quadrilingual!
  • Triathlon Namur Team
    Yet another club which is on the net. The site is in French and contains a lot of information about their club and triathlon in Belgium. There is also a bilingual (French/Dutch) "triathlon Belgium" mailing list.
  • Triathlon Team Heusden-Zolder
    This is another club which also organize a race. In fact, more than one. They organize a short distance recreational triathlon and also a run-bike-run. More details about that and some of their athletes etc. can be found on the site. And yes, this site is also in Dutch.
  • Brussels Ironman Nato
    Nice site, which includes (amongst other things) an introduction to all the club members.
  • Geelse Triathlon Club
    This site is in Dutch and contains a lot of info about the club, their training sessions, and even the info which is on their (monthly?) newsletter.
  • Atriac, Antwerpse Triathlon Club
    This is the strongest club in Belgium, and it has been for a couple of years, now also trying to be strong in web presence. Maybe with a bit of training :-)
  • Triathlon Club Lokeren
    They organize a couple of races (a triathlon and a duathlon), and allow you to enter the race online. Also varied other info. The site is completely in Dutch.
  • Betric, Beverse Triatlon Club
    Dutch site, with the details for the club in Beveren.
  • Driekant Triatlon Team Lovendegem
    A nice site (in Dutch) about this team. They have former pro and multiple Belgian champ Karel Blondeel in theri ranks.
  • Avenir Triathlon Club Charleroi
    The club in Charleroi also have their own site, where they present their athletes etc. The site is in French.
  • Machels Triathlon Team
    A very beautiful site, with info for both the club member and the rest of the triathlon world. Well worth a visit.
  • Ultron Team Ronse
  • Waaslands Triatlon Team
  • Triatlon Team Leuven
  • Borsbeeks Triathlon Team
  • Duathlon & Triathlon Team Asse
  • Duathlon Vereniging Baliebrugge
  • Brussels Triathlon Club

Other sites

  • Belgian Federation
  • Flemish federation
  • Jef Cleemput site
    Jef Cleemput is a freelance reporter in his spare time, who is fascinated by triathlon. This is a slow site because it contains so many graphics. You can find some results here and many photos from the races.
  • University - option triathlon
    This is a site for the triathlon option at the physical education department at the university in Leuven. They give a little overview of what this means, who is in charge and the athletes which are in the program (yes, they are planning to have a triathlon team as well).
  • Duathlon Commission for the VTDL
    This site contains duathlon specific information for Belgium (and specifically Flanders).
  • ASD
    This is Paul Vandenbosch's site, mentioning his training plans and also the athletes for the triathlon and cycling teams he coaches.
  • Irongang
    A nice site with various comments about races etc. including input from Jean Moureau.

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