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International Triathlon Sites

  • Triathlete Online
    The official online companion to Triathlete magazine.
  • CheckNSee... The Best of the Triathlete's World !!!
    Bit of a special site, which is based on the help of the users. Many simple, but useful tips, etc. Just look at it and add your suggestions.
  • Ironman on-line
    This is the web site for the Ironman. It includes race results, press releases about the ironman and all the details about ironman qualifiers. This last info was not yet available for the 1998 edition on 14.11, but it should become available later this month (or so they promise).
  • Transition Times triathlon links
    A large collection of triathlon related (and adventure sports) links. If you are looking for something, have a look there first.
  • Swim 2000
    This is a site which is dedicated to swimming. You can get complete training programs here and also links to other swimming sites, you can buy swim gear etc.
  • The triathletes resource
    The title and intentions are great. When I reviewed it, it was mainly a collection of triathlon related links, but I am sure they have the intentions to change that.
  • The Runner's Web
    A running and triathlon site containing loads of links.
  • Inside Triathlon
    This is a real online magazine. They give a lot of news concerning the sport.
  • Triathlon Central
    These are the publishers of triathlon digest, a super good source of worldwide triathlon info which you can get by email. They also have a ranking system including all races they know about (and everybody can send them extra results to make it more complete), plus other triathlon references. The also publish (this one on paper), the Triathlon Sourcebook etc. Well worth a visit.
  • Triathlon Club Echirolles (FRA)
    A French club with a nice site.
  • SlowTwitch
    Very nice site by Dan Empfield, the founder of Quintana Roo, also very important in the ressurection of USTS racing in the USA, and now "retiring" to doing a great triathlon related website with lots of insight stories, some tech info etc. Well worth a visit.
  • John E Mofield, photographer
  • Dedicated Triathlon Search Engine
  • TriathlonLive
  • Duathlon
  • Nick Munting's Oz Tri Diary
  • i-Tri
  • Triathletes UK
    This is the site to visit if you want to know something bout triathlon in the U.K., including race calendar etc.
  • Triatlonweb Nederland
  • 3athlon A German triathlon site

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