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  • duathlon Geel-Holven
    This race is part of the Lotto Duathlon Cup, and the organizers have a very beautiful site, which unfortunately doesn't contain many details about the race just yet, but I hope this will ge better.
  • ITU Cup race in Kapelle op den Bos
    A beautiful site for Belgiums only ITU cup race. The have organized several Belgian Championships and this year they have moved up a bit more. This promises to be a very interesting event, and their site shows it. All information is available in Dutch and English, and you can read about this years event, but also some info about previous editions.
  • Triathlon Aarschots
    If you only do one race a year, I would recommend this one. Those who were there this year might have seen me help the organizers (well, it is my club). As for many Belgian sites, this one is also in Dutch.
  • Brasschaat SuperMAN Triathlon
    This site is focused on information about their own "SuperMAN triathlon". This is a half ironman which attracts quite a few international athletes and has often been the site for the Belgian Championships middle distance.
  • Triathlon Eupen
    Info about the race they organize (a middle distance race, a promo and relay in 1999). This site is actually quadrilingual!
  • Heusden-Zolder
    They organize a short distance recreational triathlon and also a run-bike-run. More details about that etc. can be found on the site. And yes, this site is also in Dutch.
  • Lokeren
    They organize a couple of races (a triathlon and a duathlon), and allow you to enter the race online. The site is completely in Dutch.
  • Jodoigne
    The BIN site also contains details about their race in Jodoigne.
  • Internationale duathlon Doel
  • Triathlon Hamme
  • Mr. T. Triathlon
    New race in 2002, part of Belgian Superprestige and als ITU points race.

Ironman races

Rest of the world

  • Sater, Sweden
    This is the site for the 1999 ITU Triathlon Long Distance Championships, but be warned, the site is in Swedish :-)
  • Powerman Zofingen (SWI)
    What can I say, multiple organizer of the World Duathlon Championships. They are for duathlon what Hawaii is for triathlon.
  • Vorsselmans Triathlon Zundert (NED)
    This race is an ITU event race and also part of the Belgian Lotto Triathlon Cup and also the Dutch Elite Circuit. A very beautiful site !
  • IronMaui
    Another event on one of the Hawaian islands, a couple of weeks before the Ironman Championships. They have ironman, half ironman and olympic distance races, both for individuals and relay teams. A tip for those who just miss their qualification maybe (and if you hang about a couple of weeks longer, you can hop to another island to have a look at the big one.
  • Triathlon Fredericia Denmark
    A full distance race, elected as world championships for 2001.
  • Australian races
    Here is a site with an overview of all (or so they claim) Australian races with lots of info about them and easy searching.
  • Almere triathlon (NED) (ironman distance, fast course)
  • Strongman Triathlon
  • Anzio Triathlon (ITA)
  • Stein Triathlon (NED)
    Usually a beautiful (and hard) long distance race, but in 2000 they host the European Championships middle distance. For 2001 a 3/4 distance.
  • Embrun (FRA)
    Most likely the hardest ironman distance race in the world. There are some really tough climbs in this one.
  • Windsor Triathlon (U.K.)
  • European triathlon championships 2002 (Gyr, Hungary)

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