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Pre 1997

Landen, duathlon (9-80-14)


This was scheduled to be a middle distance triathlon, but the water was too cold for swimming, so the race was quickly changed into a duathlon. I wasn't happy about that as I don't really have the running speed for the first run. However, many duathletes are not used to doing longer races, and they had a tough day because of that. This race was the first of the Euregio tour.

However, I had a strong day and was able to limit the time I lost on the first run. Once on the bike, I felt really good. The course in Landen is ideal for powerful bikers. There was quite a bit of wind, and is not flat, but there are no real hills either. Just what I like. We had to ride four laps, and halfway the second lap, I was alone in front. Apparently there were not many athletes who could handle the conditions, as I arrived at the transition with 1'30" on Dirk Van Gossum and more than 7' on the third athlete in the race. Although I had a very good second run, Dirk did pass me just after the halfway point. So I finished second at 27". The third, Bram Van Acker arrived 7' later.

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