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Pre 1997

Bonn (4-60-15)


This was the second part of the Euregio tour. The swim is in the Rhein, with the start given on a boat (picture). The swim was with the current, so the 4km was actually covered in 22'. They actually warned us not to swim too close to the middle of the river, or you would mis the swim finish. As it happens, we actually moved back to the side too quickly... The race was blessed with the presence of super human Jurgen Zack. He is well known for his cycling, with the fastest bike split in Hawai a couple of times. This was my opportunity to see how strong I am when in top shape.

At the end of the swim, I was just behind Jurgen. There were one or two athletes who started cycling before us, but one of them had a flat, and we never saw the other guy. On the first hill, I passes Jurgen, and though we changed position a few times in the few kilometers after that, I actually led most of the way, with Jurgen following at a very honoust 20m. On the very last descent (which was also the first hill), he passed me again. In the end, we had identical bike splits (and I am still very proud of that).


In the transition area, I tried to get away as quickly as possible. Jurgen was at that time not know for his running. Neither am I, but you can always try, so I blasted away at the start. I know Jurgen had some socks he was planning to put on, but I am proud that he didn't dare taking the time. So he followed shortly after. As could be expected, Jurgen passed me after about 1km, and I never came closer to him again until the finish. He did kindly great me each time we crossed. We had quite a gap on the third athlete (more than 3' if I remember correctly), so I didn't have to any problems hanging on to second place. I finished about 45" after Jurgen Zack.

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