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The bits which no longer fit on the first page...

  • 30.06.2001 : did the race in Lokeren (non drafting of course) and won (I admit there was not a lot of competition).
  • 16.06.2001 : finished fourth in Sint Jan in Eremo.
  • 12.06.2001 : they used a picture from me for the ironman program in Lanzarote (look).
  • 12.06.2001 : added a couple of sponsors, Quintana Roo (long overdue, I already used my new bike in Lanzarote) and Myo Max
  • 04.06.2001 : Lanzarote was a success, read the report.
  • 15.05.2001 : off to Lanzarote, I am curious to see how it goes. More in two weeks.
  • 05.05.2001 : finished third in Bergen op Zoom.
  • 01.05.2001 : club championships in Overijse, read the report
  • 14.04.2001 : Did another training race, this time in Fleurus. more details
  • 10.04.2001 : Northwave has joined in as sponsor, supplying me with a great pair of cycling shoes. See sponsor pages.
  • 25.03.2001 : After a great training camp in Mallorca and a week of rest, I did my first triathlon for this season. A bit to my surprise, it did pretty good. more details
  • 10.12.2000 : did a swim race, to show me that I urgently have to start training again.
  • 01.11.2000 : Hawaii report online, plus some wetsuit tips.
  • 20.10.2000 : just got back from Hawaii where I joined 1500 other athletes for the 2000 edition of the Ironman triathlon world championships. Have to get rid of some jet lag, and then the report will follow. In any case, I improved on last years performance by 122 places, but the run still sucked. I'll try again next year.
  • 03.09.2000 : after a couple of races, I have finally been able to win again (didn't happen since 1996). In Chièvres, Kristien and me were a victorious couple.
  • 19.07.2000 : Oops, I know it has been quite a while since I last updated my site, but I have been pretty busy. I moved in with my girlfriend and that kept me busy. And of course, I started my Hawaii preparations too. Doing so races as well, did Eupen last week and a shortly (1/4) tomorrow. Reports should soon follow.
  • 18.03.2000 : Getter ready to be prepared for Lanzarote. In a few days, I will be leaving for a two week training camp in the south of Spain. Looking forward to a couple of weeks of hard (physical) work.
  • 18.03.2000 : I have put the design for me new attire here. Tell me what you think.
  • 10.02.2000 : great, thanks to the help of Chamizo and Trek, I will be riding a Trek Hilo 2000 next year. Very good, as I still haven't got last years frame back from warranty repair (I had a paint crack, would have hoped these things take less than three months).
  • 31.12.1999 : the very best wishes to all for the year 2000, I wish you good health and most of all, a lot of fun !
  • 26.11.1999 : It is incredible. For the third time this year I broke a major bike component. After two frames, I now broke my crank. Very interesting to ride using one leg for 10km. I should be used by bike companies as guinea pig (big hint!), as I seem to be good at using things "to the limit".
  • 23.11.1999 : doing some major redesign of the site, so things may be in limbo for a while, please bear with me.
  • 29.10.1999 : back from the Ironman triathlon world championships in Hawai. Gained some race experience for next year. See the report.
  • 21.09.1999 : added some reports for the olympic distance races I did recently (non drafting of course). It took a while before I put them on here, but I have been a bit distracted (thanks to the lovely Kristien for that).
  • 06.08.1999 : created a new site with a triathlon race calendar and results. You can help to make it better!
  • 01.08.1999 : did a race in Eupen.
  • 30.07.1999 : added some tips for life.
  • 22.07.1999 : Did the world championships in Sweden.
  • 23.05.1999 : Hawai here I come...
  • 22.05.1999 : Ironman Lanzarote, I finished 12th.
  • 09.05.1999 : Belgian Club Championships in Landen, we (that is AATT, from Aarschot) finished 4th.
  • 31.03.1999 : Just came back from a very productive training camp in sa Font de sa Cala in Mallorca. Great place to train, good weather etc. A very refreshing change from all the rain we had here in Belgium.
  • 14.03.1999 : I am a happy man, in a couple of hours, I will be in Mallorca on a training camp. Let's hope there is a lot of sun there :-)
  • 21.02.1999 : Check it out, there are now some nice t-shirts avaiblabe, so please get one as support to get me to the international races.
  • 05.02.1999 : For those who are interested, there is now a Belgian triathlon related mailing list. More info on the Namur triathlon club site.
  • 28.01.1999 : It has finally happened, I have joined the braggers. Mainly due to how things happen at work, I got myself a mobile. So now I can "always" (if it is switched on that is, and no I don't take my GSM with me when training) be reached.
  • 12.01.1999 : After a long while (before mentioning that is), it is finally sure that I will also be sponsored by C.A.B., a software automation firm I also happen to work for.
  • 04.01.1999 : Got the verdict on my shoulder. Though I am allowed to do some cycling, I have to wait another ten days to start running, and five weeks before I can start swimming. Not good, but first things first, it has to heal properly. Anyway, I still have enough time for Lanzarote after that, so no worries yet.
  • 01.01.1999 : Some people already knew this for a while, but now it is official. I have changed to a different club and will now do my races for the "Aarschots Triathlon Team" (AATT). This is a club where I will be surrounded by a bunch of friends...
  • 26.12.1998 : Oops, there goes my training. On a mountain bike trip, I had a serious fall (well, my bike suddenly stopped), and now my shoulder is sprained... Hope it gets better quickly.
  • 20.12.1998 : Things are finally starting to fall into shape as to preparations for next season. Some of the sponsors (Massive, 3action, Dixis, Randoraid are already sure).
  • 20.12.1998 : Completely reworked the site, just have a look around. It is not quite finished (far from it, I need to add a lot of content, in fact there are quite a few blank pages for the moment), but the framework should be there. Come back soon to see how it develops.

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