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Quintana Roo

They became famous for having the best wetsuit in the world, and for me, they still have (though the competition is much stronger than a couple of years ago). I have been swimming with a different brand for a couple of years, but am very pleased to be using a Hydrophobic again.

Apart from wetsuits, they are also the inventors of the triathlon specific frame, using 26" wheels and a 78 degree seat angle. They are probably one of the biggest triathlon specific brands in the world, so the "true to the tri" is not far fetched, even though they now use (normal) 28" wheels for their larger frames and have some frames with traditional angles, which are better suited for drafting races.

Belgian importer : Conimex, Hoogweide 35, 8501 Heule, tel 056/ 35 50 78, fax 056/ 37 32 31

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