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Computrainer / ATCA

CompuTrainer combines "high performance, scientific training" and "entertainment" in a single integrated system. Often described as a `personal exercise physiology lab' CompuTrainer is a microprocessor-controlled electro-mechanical bicycle ergometer training system which measures, displays and records power (watts), time, speed, distance, cadence and heart-rate with laboratory accuracy. It sets the standard against which all other bike trainers are measured. Because of its superior accuracy and repeatability cycling and multi-sport coaches and national teams have depended upon CompuTrainer for over a decade to test, train, and monitor the progress of their athletes. CompuTrainer is the Official Electronic Trainer of the U.S. National Cycling Team, the USCF, the Canadian Cycling Federation, and Cycling New Zealand.

A complete CompuTrainer system includes interactive video software which is a proven motivator for highly effective training resulting in major performance improvement. Exclusive features like SpinScan electronic pedal stroke analysis lead to significantly improved cycling technique and performance.

CompuTrainer's interactive software motivates through the continuous challenge of a two-person race format. Your opponent is either a previously recorded race, a computer pacer, or a second CompuTrainer rider. The second CompuTrainer can be next to you or connected via telephone modem. The races take place on real surveyed courses which are part of the software, a stage of the Killington road race, the Hawaiian Ironman bike course, the '96 Olympic MTB course, etc. A constantly growing library of courses is available on this web site at no cost. The software also allows you to create courses of your own.

During a race the load varies precisely as it does on the road depending upon the grade, rider weight, speed, head/tail wind, and drafting position. The resulting load simulates the true road load so faithfully that CompuTrainer is known as the trainer that "feels like the road". The new state-of-the-art 3D Software creates an equally realistic visual environment which accentuates the feeling of being "on the road". No other bike training system comes as close to reproducing the total experience of riding on the road as CompuTrainer.

Whether you're a novice or an elite athlete riding a CompuTrainer will result in major improvements in your cycling performance, a claim proven by the experiences of many thousands of triathletes, duathletes, road and track racers, mountain bikers, ultramarathoners, and recreational cyclists worldwide. Performance improvements of 10% to 20% are common.

Training and racing on CompuTrainer is exciting in marked contrast to the boredom often experienced on conventional bike trainers. You don't have to force yourself to train on a CompuTrainer! It captures and holds your interest. Telecommunications features like two-man modem racing by telephone, and downloading recorded races from the internet have added new excitement and meaning to the whole concept of indoor training. That's why 2 to 3 hour training sessions on CompuTrainer are commonplace (and some dedicated users ride 5 to 6 hours in a single session).

One of the best measures of a product's worth is the attitude which its owners have towards the product. At least 9 out of 10 CompuTrainer owners are almost fanatically attached to the system.

Computrainer is distributed in Belgium by :

ATCA vof
Augustijnslei 135
B-2930 Brasschaat

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