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Rules are for the others

Here in Belgium, there has recently been a lot of talk about the "Belgian desease". This refers to the alleged corruption we have at all levels in administration and government. It is a feeling people have with all the affairs we had here, starting with Dutroux, his actions and escape, the death of Semira Adamu, and the fact that houses are being broken down because of building infringements.

In fact it is best illustrated using that last example just how bad it is. Everybody is complaining about the fact that the rules are not the same for everybody. However, once this results in breaking down houses which are built without the proper authorizations, there seems to be people who want things to be regulated... If that would be done, there will be lots of people who will be disadvantaged by this, the people who paid extra or live in less wonderful places because they followed the rules.

Another typical example is related to paying taxes, etc. Everybody always wants to get as much as they can from the government. However, when they come to the point where they have to pay for this, be it in the shape of taxes or VAT, most try to get out of it. But they complain when companies try to do the same. If everybody would do their business as it should, paying their dues to the state, then we could all pay less, including the honest people.

So we should all do some soul searching. How can you expect the others to be honest if you don't follow the rules yourself. Size really doesn't matter, it is all about the principle!

This also counts in the sport of triathlon. We are all too familiar with drafting problems. Many athletes are opposed to drafting and will complain when somebody else sits in their wheel. But how many stay at legal distance in a non drafting race when there is no judge around?

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