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World Cup football

Ok, I am sorry, but I can't help it. Our Belgian Red Devils played their third game in the first round of the World Cup, and it was a tie (again). So we didn't loose a single game, but we haven't won any either. Fortunately the supporters celebrated after our first match (0-0 against the Netherlands) as if we had won. Otherwise, nobody would have had any joy from this.

However, I am very tempted to make a little comparison. I finished 23rd at the World Championships in Nice last year, which didn't get a lot of attention (can't blame anyone, I was only the third Belgian athlete, and Luc Van Lierde got all the attention with his very strong win). However, football is the biggest sport in Belgium, while our team is "only" between the 17th and 32nd strongest in the world. It is strongly advisable not to compare how much triathlon costs me, and how much our Red Devils earn. Hell, Luc is world champion and world record holder and probably earns less than some of these guys.

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