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Cycling equipment


My cycling equipment consists of the following :

  • Trek Hilo 2000 (thanks to my sponsor, Chamizo fietsen)
    This one just for the time being, this bike is currently for sale and I am awaiting my replacement stealth.
    • Complete Shimano Ultegra group, 175mm crank
    • Syntace clip on bar (very comfortable)
    • Rolf Vector Pro racing wheels
    • Mavic CPX 14 / Hugi training wheels
  • Quintana Roo Kilo Private Reserve
    • Complete Dura Ace group, 175mm crank
  • CompuTrainer indoor trainer
  • Giro Helmet
  • Northwave e-volution cycling shoes, with super rigid carbon plates for SPD-R cleats.

The picture below is a bit outdated, but hell, it is a beautiful bike (rode that P2 in 1998).

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